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We are the authority on research, teaching and learning in metacognition and the role it plays in creativity, systems thinking, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, prosocial intelligence, academic success, and many more areas. 
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When you make ideas tactile, you make ideas tangible. It is well known that the human brain is hardwired to the hands and the eyes more than any other parts of the body. ThinkBlocks are a revolutionary 3D tactile block that make ideas come to life in real, physical models. ThinkBlocks are 3D versions of MetaMaps so the two can be used interchangeably.
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We've revolutionized visual thinking with the power of metacognition and the simplicity of MetaMap software in the cloud. MetaMaps are a visual diagramming method based on the four universal patterns of knowledge creation and metacognition. Using MetaMaps is easier than existing visual thinking software with one [huge] additional benefit: at the same time you use MetaMaps, you'll learn how you think so you can consistently think better ideas.

Not just smarter software. Software that makes you smarter. Can you imagine if using Word made you a better writer or if using Excel made you a better accountant? Imagine if using iPhoto actually made you a better photographer or iMovie made you a better director. MetaMaps is a a game changer. No other software focuses on making you a better person even when you're not using it. The more you use it the more you will learn how your mind actually works. This isn't a low-level memory game like Luminosity, this is serious metacognitive awareness developed simply by using the canvas to capture, visualize, and share your ideas. Use it to map your ideas for one month and we guarantee you'll notice more and feel smarter

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The MetaMap platform is a full suite of features built around the revolutionary power of metacognitive maps. The entire platform can be used as a culture building and organizational alignment tool that ensures that everyone is working off the same page. Specialized applications of the platform are like no other system for school districts and organizations.
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Dr. Derek Cabrera provides keynotes that start your event with a laugh and a bang. Contact us for more information on how we can make your next event truly memorable.
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Our two decades of research revolutionized the field of metacognition. After ten years of training, coaching and implementation in schools and organizations nationwide in the power of metacognition and its impacts, we have answered the demand for online training with our new MOOC online course. Of course, we still offer our onsite trainings as well as our popular offsite retreats in Ithaca, NY.
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Our training in metacognition helps teachers integrate metacognition into everything they're already doing. The impact is impressive: do more with less, achieve higher test scores, students learn to learn, fewer behavior problems, smarter students...
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If you're on the cutting edge in your field then you spend time keeping up with new developments, new research, and new breakthroughs. You thrive on knowing what's next. You explore anything an everything because there's no telling which obscure piece of knowledge or experience will lead to your next Eureka! moment.  You need to know more about the powerful role that metacognition plays in the creation of ideas. Find out how we helped some of the most innovative thought leaders to be more clear, more concise, and push even farther into the future...
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We work with superintendents and principals to create total alignment across their district. The impacts are clear: smarter students, organizational alignment, more effective teaching, higher test scores, higher graduation rates, decrease the achievement gap...

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Whether you're looking for that competitive advantage or just to be more fulfilled every day, metacognition provides a solid foundation for discovering your potential. Better thinking, better ideas, increased creativity, increased problem solving, increased emotional intelligence are just a few of the side effects of developing a metacognitive mindset.
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You want the most for your children, but its hard to know the one thing that's going to give them a competitive advantage and lead to long term fulfillment and happiness. Research shows that that one thing is metacognition. Metacognition is the foundation for life skills, academic success, emotionally intelligence, college & career readiness, school & street smarts, and self awareness.
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If you're an executive or CEO, you need to know about the impacts of metacognition and systems thinking models on the single most important thing that will drive your success: your organizational culture. We work with CEOs and leadership teams to create total alignment across their organization. The impacts are clear: organizational alignment, problem solving employees, increased innovation, cult-like cultures, and an adaptive and responsive organization.

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From our "Field Notes" Blog, to our books and publications, to our TED talks and keynotes. Dip your toe in the shallow end to see what metacognition is all about.
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Watch a 12 minute mini film about the power of metacognition and learn the four patterns that can be taught and learned to increase it.
Enroll in our online course and learn how to teach and learn to be more metacognitive. Metacognition is the engine of critical thinking, creativity, systems thinking, emotional intelligence, and academic success.
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We've revolutionized visual thinking with the power of metacognition. MetaMaps are a visual diagramming method based on the four universal patterns of knowledge creation and metacognition. Using MetaMaps is easier than existing visual thinking software with one [huge] additional benefit: at the same time you use MetaMaps, you'll learn how you think so you can consistently think better ideas.
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Read the book that changing the way people think about teaching and learning. 
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We're on a mission to change society for the better: better schools, better organizations, and better thinkers. Check out the International #CountMeIn campaign (including a music video, downloadable song, and spoken word performance) that's at the center of it. 


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