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Find out more about how we our research and innovations get results in education by applying systems thinking (and metacognition) to the Prek-12 curriculum and get all kids to become independent, critical, creative, emotionally intelligent people. 

We also use our research in systems thinking with leadership teams at the district and school level to change school culture and develop strategies that work. 
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Make ideas tactile and you make them tangible. There are more neurons connecting your brain to your hands and eyes than any other parts of the body. Ideas are better understood when we make them physical, manipulate them, and build mental models. ThinkBlocks are clean and simple, but they are also a powerful and disruptive Systems Thinking tool. Developed at Cornell University for graduate students, ThinkBlocks are nestable, relational, dry erase blocks that allow you to build any idea--the more complex the better. They are used in Pre-K, elementary, middle, and high school classrooms as well as with gifted and talented and special needs children.
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Our lab measures its collective impact on society through the many organizations and people it serves and through our work to increase public understanding and to drive research and innovation in systems thinking.

Find out how our research can lead to your own personal development. Systems Thinking can have dramatic effects on your deeper understanding and awareness of your strengths, emotional intelligence and grit, and overall abilities.
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Decades of research into the theory and practice of systems thinking and embodied metacognition has gone into the development of systems thinking software called, "MetaMap." Its incredibly simple to use but remarkably powerful. Used by students PreK to PhD and scientists and CEOs, this remarkably simple cloud-based visualization software will get you systems thinking in minutes.
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No matter what kind of organization you run, one thing remains the same, you want it to operate as an adaptive entity of a single mind. Not robotic and industrial, but organic and evolutionary. Based on the sciences of complex adaptive systems, evolution, ecology, and biology, we developed an organizational design model called VMCL that is unlike anything you've seen. We teach you how to create what biologists call a "superorganism"--an organization full of individuals that work together like a single entity. Our powerful litmus tests generate a powerful, simple vision and mission that align your organization and transform your culture to one of learning that is entirely dedicated to accomplishing your vision. VMCL (Vision-Mission-Culture-Learning) is an organizational design model based on the science of complex systems and research in systems thinking, that helps you: 
  1. see the very large and the very small picture of your organization simultaneously; 
  2. achieve organizational alignment (get everyone on the same page);
  3. purposefully leverage culture toward sustainable organizational change;
  4. communicate with laser focus and clarity;
  5. identify, build, and constantly improve mission critical systems; and
  6. give everyone in your organization a daily do-list that is useful to them and important to you.
Learn more about how we help organizational leaders and executive teams apply our research and innovations in systems thinking.

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Things to do online

Watch a 12 minute mini film about four metacognitive patterns of thinking that underlie Systems Thinking...
MetaMaps are a visual diagramming method based on the four universal patterns of Systems Thinking. Using MetaMaps is easier than existing visual thinking software with one [huge] additional benefit: at the same time you use MetaMaps, you'll learn how you think systemically so you can consistently think better ideas.
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Read the book that changing the way people think about teaching and learning. 
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Enroll in our online course and learn how to teach and learn to be more metacognitive. Metacognition is the engine of critical thinking, creativity, systems thinking, emotional intelligence, and academic success.
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From our "Field Notes" Blog, to our books and publications, to our TED talks and keynotes. Dip your toe in the shallow end to see what the metacognitive patterns of Systems Thinking are all about.
We're on a mission to change society for the better: better schools, better organizations, and better thinkers. Check out the International #CountMeIn campaign (including a music video, downloadable song, and spoken word performance) that's at the center of it. 


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