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Drs. Derek & Laura Cabrera Cornell University Cabrera Lab Podcast

We've gone public! 

After 25 years as a leading research lab in the science of thinking, and with the National Science Foundation's help, we took our groundbreaking research from the Ivory Tower of Cornell University into the public domain with our Cabrera Lab Podcast.

And boy did you respond! Thanks to your support, we quickly reached the top 4% of all podcasts worldwide!

Start your transformative journey: get tested, get trained, get certified.

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Free yourself from yourself.

Unlock the Science of Thinking. UpThinking.

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High-performing CEOs, special forces, scientists, teams, creatives, professional athletes, executive coaches, top students, moms and dads choose UpThinking for one works.

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 "The science behind UpThinking's approach is unparalleled. It leverages the best of systems thinking to create impactful, actionable solutions across various disciplines."

Matt Chadsey
Matt Chadsey
Seattle, WA

"UpThinking has given me unprecedented control over my thoughts. The clarity and structure it provides have been essential in navigating both personal and professional landscapes."   

Heather Coffman
Heather Coffman    
Holland, MI

"With UpThinking, I've learned to break down overwhelming challenges into manageable parts using DSRP. It’s given me a whole new way to handle stress and complexity." 

Jon Giordano Philadelphia, PA    
Jon Giordano
Philadelphia, PA

"Crazy that with all the tools and techniques we tried, the thing that made my team's productivity increase dramatically was thinking!" 

Tomi Dechant, Fort Hays, Kansas
Tomi Dechant
Fort Hays, Kansas

"UpThinking provided stability during turbulent times. I can't imagine where I'd be without it." 

 Dr. Dave Silberman  | Tyler, TX
Dr. Dave Silberman
Tyler, TX

"UpThinking transformed the way I perceive and process information. It has greatly enhanced my decision-making skills."

Lori Fisher, Mantua, OH    
Lori Fisher   
Mantua, OH

"Simple and intuitive. Everyone, from Cadet to Commander-in-Chief, would benefit from applying these ideas."

Gregory L. Boylan Colonel, U.S. Army
Gregory L. Boylan
Colonel, U.S. Army

"DSRP showed me what was underneath all of the frameworks I had been collecting for years. It’s the master key to thinking."

Scott Moehring Moehr Better, Interlochen, MI
Scott Moehring
Moehr Better, Interlochen, MI
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Our Science Helps Individuals and Teams Become Top-Tier Performers 

What connects Silicon Valley unicorns, top scientists, professional athletes, and military special forces? They are all elite performers who have benefitted from our innovative science and practices. Our influence spans across all sectors—from Fortune 100 boardrooms and international NGOs to rural schools and high-tech startups. We are proud of our global and diverse impact…

UpThinking gives you the control and clarity to communicate your ideas and get the results you want.   

Upthinking Fast with Benefits

You can level up your thinking!

You can level up your thinking!

Our globally recognized science and protocols have been shown to enhance brain performance by 500%. Stop relying on productivity tools and quick fixes that rarely measure up. Transform your brain into the world’s most effective productivity tool. You can raise your TQ (Thinking Quotient).

You can get out of your own way!

You can get out of your own way!

Ditch the overwhelm, distraction, anxiety, disorganization, or being misunderstood, under-appreciated, or ineffective. Be seen as a creative, clear-headed, doer and leader. Become confident and comfortable in communication with others. Understand yourself and you'll understand others.

You can achieve freedom AND control.

You can achieve freedom AND control.

Think things through, complete tasks, and reach your goals in a way that feels liberating and flexible, but with enough structure to remain organized and efficient. When you bring the unconscious into the conscious, you can be decisive AND creative.

You can be what AI isn't. Be aware and irreplaceable.

You can be what AI isn't. Be aware and irreplaceable.

In a world increasingly augmented by Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have spent the last 30 years pioneering the science of Human Intelligence (HI) powered by UpThinking. We can equip you and your team with the skills AI can’t replace.

You can think fast AND be right.

You can think fast AND be right.

In today's fast-paced world, we don’t have time to think, so we move quickly and settle for less. It doesn’t have to be this way, UpThinking provides easy-to-learn, evidence-based methods to think more systemically and faster and get the results you want by better alignment with the real world. Don't accept the false choice of thinking fast and wrong or slow and right.

You can save yourself a lot of time.

You can save yourself a lot of time.

You could spend years learning dozens of types of thinking (e.g., critical, creative, systems, emotional intelligence, to name a few). Or, you can go directly to the root--learn the four patterns that underlie all thinking--and get all 38 types of thinking for free.

The fast track to Level Up Your Thinking with the leading scientists in systems thinking.

Drs. Derek & Laura Cabrera, Cornell University, Cabrera Lab
Dr. Derek Cabrera, Professor & Chief Science Officer (Bio)
Dr. Laura Cabrera, Professor & Chief Executive Officer (Bio)

FINAL CRL GOAT LOGO 2024 (14)-2Two steps to transformation

Test your Thinking Skills. 

Take the validated Thinking Quotient (TQ) Test and get your personalized Report and Action Plan that identifies your strengths and weaknesses and recommends what to practice based on our 80/20 Rule Research.


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  • Introduction to the Ideas through the Podcast, Live Events, and Community   

  • Take Thinking Quotient (TQ) Test and Get Personalized Report and Action Plan

Get the Certified Thought Leader Credential

Our Advanced UpThinking Course increases awareness, self-control, and clarity. Master the essential, evidence-based cognitive skills taught by Drs Derek and Laura Cabrera. Struggle less and succeed more at work and at home.

$1499  $1275 15% Summer Discount 

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  • Includes everything in $99 package plus 

  • Get the full suite of Cabrera Lab products and services

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  • Engage in a Thriving Community to Practice the 5 Most Important Moves Focusing On Your Specific Problems/Priorities 

  • Take the live oral exam and achieve your Certified Thought Leader Credential. Be a thought leader in your world.

  • And much more, including UpThinkAI, Resource Libraries, additional courses, exclusive live events and podcasts, badges, and discounts


FINAL CRL GOAT LOGO 2024 (14)-2What's right for me? 



I want to test the waters and find out how this work can help me.


We recommend the Thinking Quotient (TQ) Test and Report

Our research shows that with just a little bit of practice you'll outperform 80% of the population! Our research also shows us precisely what to practice. But first we have to establish a baseline with the TQ Test (which takes about 20 minutes to complete). Then we match (in rank-order) your cognitive strengths and weaknesses with the 5 most important cognitive skills. Your personalized report gives you a clear plan of what to do to dramatically improve.


I am looking to get the biggest results in the least time. 


We recommend the Credential

Our research shows that with just a little bit of practice you'll outperform 80% of the population! You're what we call a "20/80". A person who wants to get 80% of the benefit with 20% of the effort. The Credential includes the baseline TQ assessment and personalized plan. From there, we provide specific training as well as practice and application to your real-world problems or issues. The whole thing takes about 15-20 hours of self-paced work. The results will be transformative.

All available on ThinkU, the Ultimate Online University for the Science of Thinking.

Transform your thinking    Transform your self  Transform your life. 

The Ultimate Online Thinking University
  • Access to Drs. Derek & Laura Cabrera
  • Advanced Courses & Credential
  • Practice Challenges Based on Skills (not concepts)
  • Measurable Progress & Badges
  • Exclusive Podcasts & LIVE Events
  • Thriving Supportive Community
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Take Your Course at Your Own Pace or with Peers
The Cabrera Lab Podcast

The Podcast

Join Drs. Derek and Laura Cabrera from Cornell University for entertaining and enlightening conversations that level up your thinking and enhance your problem solving skills.

TQ - the Thinking Quotient

Thinking Quotient 

The first scientifically validated measure of your thinking ability. Get your score of strengths and weaknesses and use your personalized action plan to level up your thinking.

ThinkU - the ultimate online thinking university


The ultimate online University for novices and experts committed to the daily practice of thinking featuring world-class professors, practical protocols, and valuable credentialing.

Cabrera Lab UpThinking Credential

Course & Credential

Get Certified in the most advanced thinking course available today--a course that truly defines the term "thought leader."

Know How & Tools

Know How & Tools

From best-selling, award-winning, books to innovative tools for thinkers, the Cabrera's literally wrote the book on the science of thinking better.

Cornell university Systems Thinking Conference

The Conference

Attend the largest thinking conference in the world, sponsored by Cabrera Lab and Cornell University.

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