A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Systems Thinker

    Decades of experience researching and teaching systems thinking leads us to recommend the following path...

    ST Step by Step v2

    We want to make learning scientifically-valid Systems Thinking straight forward and fun. After teaching these ideas to hundreds of thousands of students, we know that this five-step process is efficient and effective in creating GREAT systems thinkers. Best of all, you will be able to start applying what you learn to your most pressing challenges on Day 1.


    Step #1: Get familiar.

    The good news is that you are already making good progress here! Get a feel for the many applications of systems thinking to daily life - both personal and professional - by exploring our blog, social media posts, and website.


    Step #2: Join the Community.

    Systems Thinking Daily is a premium network for novices and experts committed to the daily practice of scientifically-sound systems thinking. Build skills every day through community dialogue, 1-on-1 mentoring, live events, interactive challenges, and peer feedback. Get better every day. 


    Step #3: Measure your Skills.

    Being able to test the degree to which you are already systems thinking is critical to future improvement. Learn what to keep doing and define your current skill gaps by taking the science-based Systems Thinking Personal Inventory (STMI).


    ST Step by Step (1)-2

    Step #4: Grow your Skills.

    Deepen your understanding of the what, why, and how of systems thinking, mapping, and leadership with our award-winning  books and our online, self-paced online courses. With as little as 20 minutes, we’ll teach you something that transforms your thinking and helps you make a dent in your most daunting challenges. Our MicroCourses are immensely useful for any number of problems and issues and therefore can be used nearly all the time with great effect.


    Step #5: Hone Advanced Skills. 

    In these live and online courses taught by Cornell University faculty, Drs. Derek and Laura Cabrera, you’ll explore best practices and analyze real-world challenges to further strengthen your Systems Thinking skills and your ability to teach Systems Thinking to others!  

    Get Steps #2-4 now!



    You get:  
    stdaily_square_tagline_540x Access to the Premium Systems Thinking Daily Network
    stmi_report Systems Thinking Personal Inventory (STMI)
    ST Systems Thinking 101 (ST101 online course)
    SM Systems Mapping 201 (SM201 online course)
    stms Systems Thinking Made Simple (book for ST101 and SM201 online courses)
    SL Systems Leadership 301 (SL301 online course)
    fnc-2 Flock Not Clock (book for SL301 online course)
    stloop ST Loop MicroCourse (online course)

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