Our Vision-Mission

"Engage, Educate, and Empower 7 Billion Systems Thinkers"

Our Mission (M)

Our Mission logos is three E's pointing incrementally toward our Vision, symbolizing the everyday work we do to "Engage, Educate, and Empower 7 Billion Systems Thinkers" to change the world for the better. When we align how we think with how the world works, thoughts that can change the world become possible. Engage means that we call people's attention to the research that indicates that thinking is the crux of all future success. Educate means we give them the tools to develop deep understanding. Empower means we ensure they can do it on their own, without us. We do our Mission everyday to bring about our Vision.

Our Vision (V)

Thinking is the foundation of all creative ideas and problem solving, new scientific discoveries, new products and services, individual and organizational learning, education, business success, interpersonal and intrapersonal communications, and even democracy itself. Groundbreaking new research developed at Cornell University into how we think and how to avoid thinking errors has revealed powerful new insights that can be taught to anyone, at any age. We are committed disseminating this research and to our audacious vision to create 7 Billion Systems Thinkers. Join us.

Capacity (C) & Learning (L)

We develop Mission-critical capacity by working everyday to ensure that we have the right energy in the right place to serve our Mission everyday. W've developed a system of systems that are hyperfocused on Mission and Mission Moments.

We are an agile, adaptive, learning organization. We build and evolve mental models. We know that thinking differently, is the crux of all individual and organizational learning and of insight, innovation, and invention.

Our Culture Code

Our Culture Code is a uniquely balanced blend of opposites that, along with VMCL, act as the simple rules that provide for the kind of emergent properties we want in an organization: Self-organizing, trusting, spontaneous, effective, responsible.

Our Founders

Derek Cabrera, PhD

An internationally known author and systems scientist and serves on the faculty of Cornell University and the Board of Advisors DSE at the US Military Academy at West Point... [more]

Laura Cabrera, PhD

An expert in research methods and systems thinking, Laura serves on the faculty of Cornell University where she teaches systems thinking, systems leadership, and systems mapping... [more]

About Our Logo

Our logo has a lot of meaning to us. The four primary colors (blue, yellow, green, and red) are also complimentary in pairs and represent the "universality of DSRP. " The 4 squares in each section represent the dependence of each cognitive pattern on the other three--that no pattern can exist without the others. The fun part of our logo is that it is also an optical illusion. While the logo itself exists (i.e., it is real) the positioning of the squares actually dynamically interacts with your optics to cause you to see things that "don't exist" (i.e., little dots). These dots change with the perspective as your eyes move around, so there are many dynamical DSRP configurations occurring just by looking at the logo. At the same time, the real squares represent both the real world and our mental models and the flashing dots represent our bias.

Do we sound like a place you belong?

Does what we do and how we do it grab you ? Does it make what you're currently doing seem deeply unsatisfying? Are you passionate about changing the world for the better, uniquely intelligent and unflinchingly hard-working? Then CRLab might be the place for you. We are a group of misfit toys out to change the world.

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