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About Cabrera Lab

We are:

 The leading science lab in thinking
Consultants to the world's top tier operators in every sector
Faculty at Cornell University
✓ Board Advisors at USMA West Point
Hosts of the world's largest thinking conference
Editors of the PPPR Journal of Systems Thinking
Authors of over 13 books on thinking
Patent holders, inventors, and innovators of tools for thinking

"To change our world, we must first change the way we think."

- Dr. Derek Cabrera

With a mission to spread UpThinking to 8 billion people, our movement is reshaping minds and organizations globally, one thought at a time. Our founder, Derek Cabrera, epitomizes the transformative power of our mission. From a high school dropout to a mountain guide battling undiagnosed ADHD and autism, his struggles led to the discovery of DSRP theory—the "DNA of thinking." After earning his Ph.D. and becoming faculty at Cornell University, he met Laura, his future wife and research partner. An honors fellow and top student and then faculty at Cornell, Laura found school a refuge from a challenging childhood. Yet, DSRP theory revolutionized her thinking and communication, just as it had saved Derek from a lifetime of misfitism.

Together, they founded the Cabrera Lab, becoming leaders in the field of thinking. Their research uncovered widespread thinking errors due to an education system focused more on what to think (content) than how to think (thinking). These issues were evident even among Ivy League students and in their own three children's education. Under Laura's direction, they applied their findings practically, training a diverse range of individuals from scientists to special forces operators and from CEOs to kindergartners, and addressing the frustrations of parents, educators and leaders with how ill-prepared people came to adult life and the workforce.

The Cabreras' studies showed that thinking skills, like any other skill, could improve with practice. They identified a Pareto principle in thinking: 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort, and they pinpointed the specific practices needed for fast, exceptional thinking. Their step-by-step "UpThinking" protocol proved that anyone could enhance their thinking skills.

We’re dedicated to transforming lives through better thinking. Join Us!


Meet Our Founders

Laura Cabrera
DC Headshot 2023

Laura Cabrera

Founder, Professor, and Chief Executive Officer


Derek Cabrera

Founder, Professor, and Chief Science Officer



Our Story

The people of the land are oppressed by a tyrannical overlord—their indoctrinated moorings and the overwhelm of a complex world.

Unlikely heroes discover the secret code to UpThinking. Practicing the code frees the people to defeat the tyrant.  

Together, they build a brighter world by building better selves every day.