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The Cabrera Lab Podcast - Drs. Cabrera Cornell University
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The Best Resource!

"I have had the privilege of studying the Cabrera's brilliant content for the past few years. They are, hands down, one of the best resources to learn about systems thinking and sharpening your cognitive edge. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to upgrade their thinking!"

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5 Star Review | Apple Podcasts

Love the Dynamic!

"I love the dynamic between you two. I love these conversations. You both listen with the intent to understand and it's quite refreshing."

Emily O.
Comment | Youtube

Consistent Action Items

"These episodes consistently provide specific and immediately actionable ways to improve thinking processes."

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5 Star Review | Apple Podcasts

Helps Me Rethink Things!

"This is a great podcast. In a relatively short period of time, each episode provides an opportunity about how to rethink things we take for granted as reality. Great points on the value of metacognition. I'm really enjoying this!"

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MJ Pioneer
5 Star Review | Apple Podcasts

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