Copyright page

    Copyright protects against blatant copying of written works. We of course don't want you to infringe our copyrights.

    However, we encourage you to reference our work so that others may benefit from it. We ask that if you reference our work, that you cite it. In other words, n accessing these resources--that represent a substantial amount of academic work product--we ask that you adhere to the "code of academic integrity" and agree to source and/or cite any derivative works. Here are a few examples of what that looks like:

    • In a spoken engagement (courses, trainings, talks, keynotes, presentation, online video, etc.), say:
      • "The Cabrera's Research suggests that...."
      • "This image, from Cabrera Research Lab, shows us that..."
    • In a written publication (blogs, published papers, books, formal or informal): 
      • Citation example: Cabrera, D., Cabrera, L., Cabrera, E. (2020). A Long Evolving Evidence-base and Literature Review of the Universal Patterns and Atomic Elements of Complex Cognition. Cabrera Research Lab. Ithaca, NY. Accessed on [DATE] at
      • Heres a template you can cut and paste: (just fill in the all caps): Cabrera, D., Cabrera, L. (YEAR). TITLE. Cabrera Research Lab. Ithaca, NY. Accessed on DATE at URL


    Thank you!