Flock Not Clock

    Design, Align, and Lead to Achieve Your Vision

    About the Book


    Flock Not Clock is for CEOs and leaders who want to design and manage their organizations to be laser- focused yet highly adaptive. This book explores four functions (Vision, Mission, Capacity, and Learning or VMCL) that are core to any form of organization (from natural organisms to human organizations) and offers practical steps for implementation.


    Hear from People Who Read It


    “When we were smaller, the DNA of the company simply flowed from me, since I could reach everyone. But when the organization passes a certain threshold, that’s no longer possible. VMCL was invaluable for me to create structures and concepts that allow 1000 employees to come together every day without a strong central control function.” 


    —TIEN TZUO, Zuora CEO

    “Derek and Laura Cabrera have zeroed in on the most important aspects of building high-performing organizations to succeed in our VUCA world—Vision, Mission, Capacity, and Learning. Their work on how this construct can be used to drive organizational culture is a must read for leaders.”


    —GEORGE W. CASEY, JR., General, U.S. Army (Retired), Distinguished Visiting Lecturer of Leadership, SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

    “Flock Not Clock is essential reading for every leader who wants to provide themselves and their team a deep understanding of what they’ll need to achieve lasting and meaningful success.”

    — ANDREW RASIEJ, Founder of Civic Hall and Chairman of NY Tech Alliance

    About the Authors

    Derek Cabrera

    Derek Cabrera, PhD

    An internationally known author and systems scientist and serves on the faculty of Cornell University and the Board of Advisors DSE at the US Military Academy at West Point...

    Laura Cabrera

    Laura Cabrera, PhD

    An expert in research methods and systems thinking, Laura serves on the faculty of Cornell University where she teaches systems thinking, mapping, and leadership...