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Raise Your TQ. Level up your thinking. The fastest, surest path to excellence in critical thinking.


ThinkU Features


ThinkU Community & Exclusive Podcast

The ultimate online UpThinking school for novices and experts committed to the daily practice of thinking. Join Drs. Derek and Laura Cabrera from Cornell University for entertaining and enlightening Cabrera Lab Podcasts that level up your critical thinking and enhance your problem solving skills.
  • Exclusive podcast episodes with Drs. Laura & Derek Cabrera of Cornell University
  • Enlightening and Entertaining conversations
  • Easy explanations and discussions on cognition 
  • Engage in community conversations


The Thinking Quotient (TQ) Test and Report

The Thinking Quotient (TQ) is the first scientifically validated measure of your thinking ability that connects the measurement of metacognition with the research on what works in practice. That means your TQ Score will show you your strength and weakness areas and your Personalized Report and Action Plan spell out exactly where to focus to level up your thinking. 
  • Includes everything from Explore & Engage Package
  • Raise your TQ Score
  • Level Up Your Thinking
  • Get your Personalized Action Plan
  • Match your strengths and weaknesses to specific practice based on research
  • Includes a Baseline TQ Test and Personalized Report and Action Plan


Online Masterclass Courses

Develop the skills that can't be replaced by AI. We will teach you the most practical skills from over two decades of research and consulting in the science and practice of thinking as well as the four most important ideas in adaptive leadership. This is the fastest, surest path to excellence in critical thinking.
  • Includes everything from Test Your Skills Package
  • Drs. Laura & Derek Cabrera of Cornell University are your professors for all online courses
  • Innovative "Podcast" Style Course Content is Entertaining and Enlightening 
  • All Courses Focus on Skills You Can DO Rather than Stuff to Know
  • Courses capture takeaways from 20+ years of research in science of thinking and practice
  • Includes introductory courses in thinking (DSRP) and Adaptive Leadership (VMCL)


Advanced Courses & Challenges

Take our Advanced Application Course, Get the Advanced Tools & Techniques, and Apply it to Your Situation or Problem. Research shows that you can improve your thinking significantly, but not with curriculum alone. You must practice. The good news is, our research has shown us exactly what you need to practice. You got this. And, we got you. 
  • We recommend. Best Value. 30% Savings on Package from previous packages
  • Includes everything from Learn the Concepts Package
  • Advanced Course with Deep Practice
  • Live events with Drs. Laura & Derek Cabrera of Cornell University
  • Practice-based Challenges ensure you build the skills and raise your TQ score
  • Use UpThink AI to solve your problems with cognitive moves
  • Participate in Challenges that Level Up Your Thinking Right Away
  • Engage in live events, coaching, and mentoring to help you with your situation


Get the Credential that ups your game. The fastest, surest path to excellence in critical thinking.


The Certified Thinking Leader (CTL)

The gold-standard for establishing what the term "thought leader" means. Be a GOAT among your peers and lead teams in their ability to think through the most difficult problems, the most perplexing complexity, and the most overwhelming situations. You will gain the skills to stay fluid and focused when others are confused and overwhelmed and to be adaptable when others are frozen or fearful.

  • Includes everything from Master & Apply Package + the Advanced Credential Course and Proctored Credential Exam. 
  • We recommend for those who want a credential-level certification. 30% Savings on Package from previous packages.



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Recommended. Best Value.

30% Savings from previous options.

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