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Get your thinking quotient score.

Develop skills that can't be replace by AI. Join the ultimate online experience focused on the science and practice of thinking.

  • Take the Thinking Quotient (TQ) Test: In just 20 minutes you will get a baseline assessment of your thinking skills.
  • Get your TQ Score and Personalized Report & Action Plan: As soon as you complete the test your scores will be calculated, your strengths and weaknesses identified, and a personalized plan is created for you that matches your skills to empirically tested practice steps that you can learn easily and get better rapidly.
  • Get your TQ Score today and start raising your TQ. We have everything you need at ThinkU--the ultimate online thinking school full of courses, credentials, and practice challenges:
    • Take Courses from Leading Scientists and Cornell Faculty
    • Engage in Weekly Practice Challenges  and See Tangible Improvement
    • Watch Exclusive Episodes of the Entertaining and Enlightening Cabrera Lab Podcast

Thinking is the skill that underlies all other skills. We know the precise steps for you to take to get significantly smarter and better at anything. Think better and Thrive in a complex world.