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    The Origin of Ideas

    Empirical Research on the Complexity of Mind and Nature

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    A compendium of basic and applied research findings from over 180 empirical studies that make up an ecology of evidence showing with high statistical significance: (1) the existence of universals of cognitive complexity (i.e., distinctions, systems, relationships, and perspectives, also known as ‘DSRP Theory’) and (2) the effectiveness of their application. Taken together as an ecology of accumulating research in support of DSRP Theory, these studies constitute new and important findings in systems thinking and complex cognition and on the necessary unity of mind and nature.


    Systems Thinking

    Systems Thinking Made Simple (STMS)

    New Hope for Solving Wicked Problems

    Systems thinking can help us solve everyday and wicked problems, increase our personal effectiveness as human beings, and transform our organizations. This book is for anyone interested in learning the foundational ideas of systems thinking. Systems Thinking Made Simple doesn't mean that we're going to oversimplify it like a ... for Dummies book. It means that we will show how systems thinking emerges when we focus on a simple set of rules. After years of searching for unifying principles, many experts and practitioners in the field of systems thinking have embraced DSRP as universal to all systems thinking methods. Originally a complex mathematical formulation, DSRP has since been made more accessible through powerful modeling and visualization tools.





    Pensamiento Sistema Hecho Simple

    Una Nueva Esperanza para Resolver Problemas Complejos

    El pensamiento sistema nos puede ayudar a resolver problemas complejos y cotidianos, incrementar nuestra efectividad personal como seres humanos y transformar nuestras organizaciones. Este libro es para todo aquel interesado en aprender las ideas fundacionales del pensamiento sistema.


    Flock Not Clock

    Flock Not Clock (FNC)

    Design, Align, and Lead to Achieve Your Vision

    Flock Not Clock is for CEOs and leaders who want to design and manage their organizations to be laser-focused yet highly adaptive. This book explores four functions that are core to any form of organization (from natural organisms to human organizations) and offers practical steps for implementation.




    Thinking Every Desk

    Thinking at Every Desk

    Four Simple Skills to Transform Your Classroom (Norton Books in Education

    Cutting-edge skills for twenty-first-century learners and educators. Designed to transform teaching practice, this book provides the tools to understand thinking patterns and how learning actually happens. It empowers teachers to structure learning in the most meaningful way, helping students explore new paths to knowledge.




    Handbook  Of System Thinking

    The Routledge Handbook of Systems Thinking

    (coming soon)

    Forthcoming in 2021. Edited by Derek Cabrera, Laura Cabrera, and Gerald Midgley