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"I learned that to change any aspect of my life or work, I first had to change my thinking."

Kevin from Tampa, FL | ThinkU Student

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Better Thinking = Smarter Action = Better Outcomes

Unlock your full potential with the world's leading thinking-science lab. Join Cabrera Lab's ThinkU and learn key ideas and skills that can make you more successful:

Thinking is Active. It's the engine behind every action and decision. Regularly revisiting and refining your thinking is essential for achieving consistently better outcomes.
UpThinking is a thing. You can improve the level and quality of your thinking. Upthinking is a skill you can grow with training and practice.
Raise your TQ. Your TQ highlights your current thinking gaps and inform a personalized action plan for rapid skill development.

We’re passionate about transforming lives through the power of trained thinking. Upthink with us for step-by-step growth and support for you and your team’s journey. UpThinking provides lifelong returns in mental clarity, improved relationships, effective decisions, and creativity. Embrace complexity, outthink obstacles, and align your strategies with elite thinkers worldwide. Don't just tackle challenges, level up your thinking to become a certified thought leader!

Your Path

Thinking can be measured; we are the scientific experts in measuring it. Thinking can be improved; we are the global leaders in the training and practice of better thinking. Thinking drives success, we have the unique status to show people how thinking drives action and better outcomes. We are #BetterEveryDay, #ThinkOrDie, #BeYourOwnGOAT, #ThinkandThrive. Go from #GoodToGOAT level thinking through our groundbreaking online thinking university, ThinkU.

 Thinking Quotient Report

Get your baseline score and report that details your strengths and weaknesses in thinking skills. The only validated measure of thinking. Take it again and again to see your progress and get that TQ Score raised!


Step-by-step Personalized Action Plan

Regardless of your current thinking skills, find the guidance you need with our extensive library of in-depth courses, designed to enhance your cognitive abilities.

 World-Class Professors
 World-Class Professors

Join live seminars and take courses with faculty from the Ivy League, where you can ask questions, engage in discussions, and connect with fellow ThinkU students.

Thriving Community
 Thriving Community

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, all on a journey to enhance their thinking skills, offering feedback, encouragement, and a sense of belonging.

Expert Courses
 Expert Courses

Learn from a team of world-class thinkers and educators, exclusive to ThinkU, including renowned philosophers, scientists, and thought leaders.

Exclusive Podcasts
 Exclusive Podcasts

Join the Drs. Cabrera for insightful discussions, thought-provoking insights, and groundbreaking ideas that will challenge and inspire you. 

Monthly Challenges
Monthly Challenges

Participate in various challenges throughout the year to test and improve your thinking abilities, making learning fun and social.

Weekly Activities

Challenge yourself and improve your skills on a weekly basis. As you witness the results of your hard work, you'll notice significant changes in your mindset.


Enlist a coach to guide you through personalized coaching sessions, helping you methodically map out your thoughts and master key cognitive moves.

Resource Library
Field Manual and Resource Library

As a ThinkU member, you'll get access to a ton of exclusive resources including a clickable bibliography of our research, a huge library and review of over 300 studies and our Field Manual.

 Exclusive Discounts
 Exclusive Discounts

As a ThinkU member, enjoy exclusive discounts on educational resources and tools to aid your thinking journey. Plus, get special offers on our additional courses.

Advanced Skill Credentials
Advanced Skill Credentials

Become a recognized expert in your field with our Certified Thought Leader Credential. Show your dedication to continuous learning and growth by earning advanced credentials that set you apart from the rest.

Types of people who need to develop thinking for life and work.
Healthcare Providers
Military Operators
Lifelong Learners
Curriculum Designers
Parents of Teens
Project Managers
Team Leaders
Special Forces Operators
Professional Athletes
Emergency Response
Community Leaders
Climate adaptation
Immigration Officials
Foundation Program Managers

"The biggest thing I did to improve my thinking was join ThinkU and start my own journey to becoming a better thinker."

John from San Francisco, CA | ThinkU Student

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Thinking Quotient Report (TQ Score)

Begin your journey with a personalized assessment of your TQ Score, highlighting areas for improvement and acknowledging your strengths.

Step-by-Step Learning

Our learning pathways and platform eliminate the uncertainty in learning, guiding you through the necessary techniques, tools, protocols and skills to achieve your goals.

Detailed Video Instruction

Our lessons are top-notch video tutorials from globally recognized experts in the science and practice of thinking. With practical scenarios, user-friendly on-screen annotations, intricate system diagrams, and a wealth of additional resources, we are here to guide you every step of the way to becoming your own GOAT.

Situation and Skill based Assignments

Our assignments are designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience, to help you develop a consistent and strong adaptive thinking ability across various domains and situations. You will also acquire the necessary skills to tackle challenges and navigate through complex situations effectively.

From Good to GOAT

We pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and align them with established research and trends to elevate your thinking from good to great. We will identify your starting point and provide a clear roadmap to your desired destination as a thinking GOAT.

Track Your Progress

Reach your goals fast and stay highly motivated by always having a clear view of your journey and progress toward your vision.

Personal & Professional Real-world Situations

Practice the thinking skills in real-world scenarios and role plays in both personal and professional situations. Receive specific instructions on what and how to integrate micro-practice into your daily life to master these skills. 

thinkGPT AI Assistance

Unlock the power of our chat-based thinkGPT. This advanced AI bot can analyze your unique circumstances and apply any of the Big Five moves to swiftly offer a system solution to your specific issue! In addition, because it is trained on a vast number of research studies from the thinking literature, it offers precise answers derived from the latest studies.

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"My brain actually feels different. I now see what others miss. "

Rich from Chicago, IL | ThinkU Student

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Live Learning
Experience LIVE weekly events, EXCLUSIVE podcasts, insightful conversations and real-time coaching 

Get access to our exclusive podcast content, 1-on-1 coaching opportunities, and live events

Expert feedback and assistance & coaching

Get personal guidance on your most pressing problems and situations. Submit videos of yourself mapping or talking your thinking and you’ll get the direct feedback you need to perfect whatever skill you’re working on. 

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Accountability & support from a thriving community

Whether you need constructive feedback, a friendly push, or accountability, our members support each other’s journey and share a sense of belonging  and drive for better thinking, smarter problem solving, and better outcomes.

Cabrera Lab Podcast

Exclusive Episodes of the Cabrera Lab Podcast

Join Drs. Derek and Laura Cabrera from Cornell University as they inspire you to approach life's challenges with a fresh perspective. Witness their use of GOAT-level thinking to enhance your problem-solving skills. Discover new possibilities, approaches, and solutions you never knew existed. Elevate your thinking and get better every day with their entertaining guidance.


Craft your Vision and Mission at our VM Bootcamp

Gain exclusive access to our highly acclaimed Systems Leadership course, taught at Cornell University. Learn how to craft a compelling vision and mission for your team, organization, family, or personal life. This opportunity offers significant savings compared to the cost of attending the live lab session.

Also included in ThinkU Membership

Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive discounts and deals on our GOAT gear, Thinking tools, and all events and extended programs for members only.

Community Challenges

We host challenges year-round to enhance your adaptive thinking skills. Our entire community participates, creating a vibrant and interactive learning atmosphere.

Credentialing and Certification

Earning professional certifications and credentials not only opens doors to new opportunities but also establishes you as a respected authority among your colleagues.

Badges and Thought Leadership

Achieve badges and gain recognition from your peers as a mentor and thought leader.

Coaching & Work Opportunities

There are a multitude of chances both locally and beyond to expand your knowledge, increase your income, and capitalize on your reputation as a leader in the field for opportunities such as mentoring, coaching, and consulting.

"ThinkU is a rich community of super smart folks working on themselves and their work."

Meghan from Boise, Idaho | ThinkU Student

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"I got more out of my credential course than 4 years of college."

Patrick from New York, NY | ThinkU Student

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