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Mental Fitness

A new kind of fitness.

Systems Thinking is the science behind mental fitness training. Enhance problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, introspection, and emotional intelligence with Cabrera Mental Fitness.

The Practice

Develop mental fitness.

Mental Fitness is a proactive state of health and well-being. It is your ability to organize information, make sense of the world, bring order to chaos, and build well-structured systems to accomplish daily activities.

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Our training system

What it is.

The Cabrera Mental Fitness is a training system that works your mind like you workout your body. In the same way you lift weights to buildup muscle, you organize information to buildup your mind.

Our workout programs systematically train you to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct mental models of reality. You will practice breaking down, building up, framing, reframing, identifying, modifying, relating, and severing.

cognitive exercise

How the mind moves.

Cognitive exercises, much like their physical counterparts, have a start and end point and focus on enhancing specific, real-world abilities. Just as physical exercises adhere to biomechanical laws, cognitive exercises follow the principles of cognitive mechanics (DSRP). By consistently practicing these cognitive "moves," you can build mental agility and strength that readily translates to real-life scenarios.

For example, watch this video and learn about a cognitive move called the RD Barbell.

"This course is structured and bite-size which makes it easier to fit into my work routine. It was a wonderful experience with useful learning that I can apply to my work and life."

Sean Lee | Director of Totus Learning Solutions
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YOUR first workout program for mental fitness.

Program Overview

CFM-1 is a 7-session workout program, primarily aimed at cultivating foundational skills, strength, and stamina essential for optimal mental fitness.

Mental Endurance

Each workout session within the CMF-1 program is meticulously designed to fortify your mental abilities and subsequently improve your overall mental endurance.

Training Principles

The program provides an in-depth understanding of Cabrera Mental Fitness training, focusing on teaching its core principles and allowing participants to engage in routine mental exercises.

Cognitive Skills

CMF-1 specifically targets key cognitive skills including organizing and reorganizing information, maintaining metacognitive awareness, recognizing patterns in organized information, and visually communicating mental models.