Recommended Engagements for Organizational Leaders

    Decades of experience researching and teaching systems thinking leads us to recommend the following...

    We want to make learning scientifically-valid Systems Thinking straight forward, fun, and useful. After teaching systems thinking to hundreds of thousands of students and restructuring hundreds of organizations, we know what works. 

    ST Step by Step v2

    Transform your Culture from a Workforce to a Thinkforce 

    Transform Your People

    Work smarter, not harder. Easy to say, but harder to do. We've developed proven strategies for building capable systems thinkers who can transform the culture of an organization into an adaptive, agile, and innovative force. Invest in your people and train them in Systems Thinking.

    VMCL Culture C-2

    Design and Build an Adaptive Organization

    Transform Your Organizational Design

    You can't micromanage agility. You must understand where agility comes from—organizational structure. Chances are, you've designed your organization more like a machine than a living organism. So, it makes sense that it is not agile and adaptive to the changing environment of a VUCA world. Design or redesign your organization to be adaptive and it will be agile.