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    In decades of researching, teaching, and learning Systems Thinking, we've learned that the #1 factor of success is that make it a part of your daily life—don’t try to swallow the elephant whole, make incremental daily progress. Systems Thinking does a lot of powerful things, but it doesn’t implement itself. Like any skill, you have to practice it daily. Our courses are a great way to build your base skills, but the Systems Thinking Daily Premium Network  takes these skills to the next level. This exclusive community of people support each other in doing simple things everyday (micro-activities) to build their skills for the long term. The network is for novices and experts committed to the daily practice of scientifically-sound systems thinking. We build skills every day through daily reps and streaks, community dialogue, expert-led courses, micro credentials, 1-on-1 mentoring, live events, interactive challenges, and peer feedback. 

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