Systems Thinking, Daily

    Making systems thinking a part of your daily awareness is Step #1 in developing systems thinking skills



    Systems Thinking, Daily

    In decades of researching, teaching, and learning Systems Thinking, we've learned 3 important things...

    • Systems Thinking is a powerful set of ideas, tools, and skills that can and should be learned by everyone
    • Systems Thinking won't implement itself. You have to work at it to be good at it just like any other skill.
    • To learn Systems Thinking, create a way to make it part of your daily practice. That's why we created Systems Thinking Daily...

    The best thing you can do to learn systems thinking is to make it part of your daily regimen. Create reminders. Learn a tiny bit each day, incrementally. You can watch videos, take courses, get certified, read books, but you also must be exposed to it each day so it is "on your mind." To this end, we have created a number of free resources on social media. Depending on your preferred social media platform, you can join one or all to keep Systems Thinking front of mind everyday:


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