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The 3-D whiteboard.

Put your ideas on the table. Literally.

coaching 1-3

Make distinctions.

Write on blocks with Dry Erase.

coaching 2-3

Take action.

Relate big blocks with smaller blocks.


Group parts.

 Nest part-whole systems.

coaching 3-2

Get perspective.

View one block from another block's standpoint.

How to use

The future of thinking is in your hands.

A tangible tool for modeling complex ideas, designed for thinkers at every level.

From the archive

Our vintage deep dive tutorial.

Dr. Derek Cabrera explains the intricacies of ThinkBlocks: what they are, where they originated, how to use them, and ways to enhance your thinking with them.

coaching 3-1

Brain-powered technology.

More Information

Origin story.

Originally invented by Dr. Derek Cabrera as a way to teach his graduate and doctoral students systems thinking at Cornell University, ThinkBlocks are a tangible cognitive tool that makes it easy to physically model any idea, no matter how complex. Assign concepts to blocks by writing on them with dry-erase markers, and then associate them with other concepts by using the multi-nesting (multiple blocks inside of blocks), barbell (relational nodes), and looking glass (translucent) properties of the blocks. Great for by Preschoolers and PhDs and in corporations and innovation labs. Perfect for conference rooms as an alternative or adjunct to whiteboards.


  • Increases clarity in individual and group problem solving; especially when things are complex and need to be "re-thought".
  • Increases communication and understanding; gets people instantly on the same page or makes it clear when they are not.
  • Increases cognitive clarity in all populations from PreK to PhD and in corporations and innovation labs.



  • Dry-erasable and durable ABS plastic blocks.
  • Transparent, rounded-corner design.
  • Made entirely in the USA in a women-owned factory in Watervliet, NY