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    Systems Thinking

    New Hope for Solving Wicked Problems

    Systems Thinking Made Simple (STMS)

    Our best-selling, award-winning book on Systems Thinking. Winner of the AECT outstanding book award. Systems thinking can help us solve everyday and wicked problems, increase our personal effectiveness as human beings, and transform our organizations. This book is for anyone interested in learning the foundational ideas of systems thinking. Systems Thinking Made Simple doesn't mean that we're going to oversimplify it like a for Dummies book. It means that we will show how systems thinking emerges when we focus on a simple set of rules. After years of searching for unifying principles, many experts and practitioners in the field of systems thinking have embraced DSRP as universal to all systems thinking methods. Originally a complex mathematical formulation, DSRP has since been made more accessible through powerful modeling and visualization tools. Paperback (also available in Kindle).
    Flock Not Clock

    Design, Align, and Lead to Achieve Your Vision 

    Flock Not Clock (FNC)

    Flock Not Clock is for CEOs and leaders who want to design and manage their organizations to be laser-focused yet highly adaptive. This book explores four functions that are core to any form of organization (from natural organisms to human organizations) and offers practical steps for implementation. Paperback (also available in Kindle).
    Thinking Every Desk

    Four Simple Skills to Transform Your Classroom (Norton Books in Education)

    Thinking at Every Desk

    Cutting-edge skills for twenty-first-century learners and educators. Designed to transform teaching practice, this book provides the tools to understand thinking patterns and how learning actually happens. It empowers teachers to structure learning in the most meaningful way, helping students explore new paths to knowledge.
    Origin of Ideas Book Cover (1)

    DSRP Theory launches fourth wave of systems thinking

    The Routledge Handbook of Systems Thinking

    Edited by Derek Cabrera, Laura Cabrera, and Gerald Midgley

    Guided by an International Advisory Board and including 66 different chapter authors, the Handbook represents the very best of the field as it stands today. The Handbook offers frameworks across the four waves of systems thinking from 1950s and culminating in DSRP Theory and the present. 


    Una Nueva Esperanza para Resolver Problemas Complejos

    Pensamiento Sistema Hecho Simple

    El pensamiento sistema nos puede ayudar a resolver problemas complejos y cotidianos, incrementar nuestra efectividad personal como seres humanos y transformar nuestras organizaciones. Este libro es para todo aquel interesado en aprender las ideas fundacionales del pensamiento sistema. Kindle only.
    RE THINKING documentary film

    The film that is changing education from the ground up

    Re:Thinking. The Documentary Film

    A great way to train and introduce teachers in your school or district to systems thinking. Award-winning documentary film maker, Deborah Hoard and her crew, followed the Cabrera's work for nearly a decade in US schools and produced this moving film on the amazing shift that can occur for students, teachers and administrators when we rethink the focus of education to be on student thinking rather than merely memorizing or teaching to a test...


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    Short readable blogs

    Applied Systems Thinking

    Applied Systems Thinking is a blog that covers topics in systems thinking, systems mapping and systems leadership. Articles are usually short and take just a few minutes to learn skills that can be used right away. Be sure to click on the tags to see topically grouped blogs such as:

    #Distinctions     |     #Systems     |     #Relationships     |     # Perspectives     |     #Tropes    |      #VMCL


    Peer reviewed journal

    Journal of Systems Thinking

    The Journal of Systems Thinking (JoST) (ISSN 2767-3847) is the first and only open-access post-publication peer-reviewed (PPPR) journal dedicated to basic scientific research, innovation, and public understanding in the areas of Systems Thinking (cognitive complexity), Systems Mapping (visual complexity), Systems Leadership (organizational complexity), and Systems Science (ontological complexity).